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Dave Grusin - Goonies: Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Dave Grusin - Goonies: Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP

Varese Vintage

  • $ 2998

Dave Grusin Goonies: Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP

From the imagination of Steven Spielberg and propelled by David Grusin's score, Goonies plunges a band of small heroes into a swashbuckling surprise-around-every corner quest beyond their wildest dreams! Following a mysterious treasure map into a spectacular underground realm of twisting passages, outrageous booby-traps and a long-lost pirate ship full of golden doubloons, the kids race to stay one step ahead of a family of bumbling bad guys...and a mild-mannered monster with a face only a mother could love.

Dave Grusin Goonies: Soundtrack Track Listing:


1. Fratelli Chase
2. Map And Willie
3. The Goondocks (Goonies Theme)
4. Doubloon
5. Lighthouse
6. Cellar And Sloth
7. Restaurant Trash
8. The It/Fifty Dollar Bills And A Stiff
9. It All Starts Here
10. Plumbing
11. Skull And Signature
12. Boulders/Bats And A Blender
13. Wishing Well And The Fratellis Find Coin
14. Mikey's Vision
15. Oath And Bobby Traps
16. Triple Stones And A Ball
17. Pee Break And Kissing Tunnel
18. They're Here And Skull Cave Chase


1. Playing The Bones
2. Water Slide And Galleon
3. Octopus
4. The Inferno
5. One Eyed Willie
6. Treasure/Data & Mouth/Walk The Plank
7. Sloth & Chunk
8. Mama & Sloth
9. The Fighting Fratellis/Sloth's Choice/Ultimate Booby Trap
10. The Reunion And Fratellis On Beach
11. No Firme And Pirate Ship
12. End Titles (Goonies Theme)
13. Fratelli Chase (Original Version)
14. Triple Stones And A Ball (Original Version)
15. They're Here And Skull Cave Chase (Original Version)
16. Octopus (Original Version)

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