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Dinosaur Jr. - Hand It Over: Deluxe Import Colored Vinyl 2LP

Cherry Red Records

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Dinosaur Jr. Hand It Over: Deluxe Import Colored Vinyl 2LP

Fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist J Mascis, Dinosaur Jr. originally formed in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1984. Their emergence was a musical shot heard round the world as Mascis and company put the heroics of lead guitar back into the forefront of the indie rock realm - amazingly, it was a revolutionary idea at the time. 

Post-punk and pre-grunge, they were an intense force to be reckoned with, and when the band signed to Sire in ’91, Mascis’ shreddingly unique alt-rock sound was cranked up for vast new audiences of eardrums. Their first album for a major label after great success on U.S. independent labels Homestead and SST, Green Mind was issued in 1991 and was the band's first following the departure of bassist Lou Barlow.

Its 1993 follow-up Where You Been was the only Dinosaur Jr. album between 1988’s Bug and 2007’s Beyond to be recorded entirely with a full band. 1994's Without A Sound - the band's sixth full-length recording - marked Dinosaur's Jr.'s first without longtime drummer Murph who was kicked out by Mascis prior to the album's recording.

Mascis issued Dinosaur Jr.'s seventh studio album Hand It Over on Reprise/Blanco Y Negro in 1997, the band's last studio release for 10 long years. The underrated 12-song set blends some of the best concepts of previous efforts while breaking new sonic ground with unique arrangements and songs augmented by strings, trumpets and guest vocals by My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher.

"Equal parts heavy-lidded sludge and eloquent riffage, it peaked with the mournful, searing 'Alone'. Elsewhere, left-handed pop and squalling country abound, finding Mascis at his most playful and creative." - Kerrang!

Dinosaur Jr. Hand It Over Track Listing:


1. I Don't Think
2. Never Bought It
3. Nothin's Goin on
4. I'm Insane
5. Can't We Move This
6. Alone
7. Sure Not Over You
8. Loaded
9. Mick
10. I Know Yer Insane
11. Gettin' Rough
12. Gotta Know


1. Take a Run at the Sun
2. Don't You Think It's Time
3. The Pickle
4. I Misunderstood
5. Never Bought It (Live 1997)
6. Alone (Live 1997)
7. Never Bought It (Live on ABC)
8. Sure Not Over You (Live on ABC

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