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Eddie Cochran - Three Steps To Heaven Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

Eddie Cochran - Three Steps To Heaven Import Vinyl LP

Vinyl Passion Records

  • $ 1998

Eddie Cochran Three Steps To Heaven Import Vinyl LP

It was soon after this session that Eddie flew to Britain accompanied by his girlfriend, songwriter Sharon Sheeley, where they joined up with Gene Vincent who was already in England to appear on Jack Good’s TV show, Boy Meets Girl. Cochran and Vincent were to star in a typical package tour that also featured Billy Fury, Joe Brown, Georgie Fame and Tony Sheridan, as well as the wonderfully named Vince Eager and Lance Fortune, who like Fury, Fame and Brown were all part of promoter Mr Larry Parnes’s stable of artistes – Parnes was none too affectionately known as Mr Parnes, Shillings and Pence. It was to be Cochran’s first UK tour and it was eagerly anticipated.

Eddie wanted to leave as soon as possible after the second show so he booked a private hire car to drive them to London Airport. Originally Ray McVay, one of the musician’s on the tour, was to have been in the front of the car, but Eddie wanted to take his amp back to America for some repairs. Eddie, Sharon and Gene were in the back of the car.

Meanwhile a young Police cadet by the name of David Harman was on duty in Chippenham when he got a call that there had been an accident nearby.

He played guitar, piano, bass, and drums. His image as a sharply dressed and good looking young man with a rebellious attitude epitomized the stance of the1950s rocker, and with his early death at just 21 he achieved an iconic status.

Eddie Cochran's most famous compositions, "Twenty Flight Rock" (the song Paul McCartney auditioned with for John Lennon's Quarrymen), "Summertime Blues" (which provided hits for both The Who and Blue Cheer), "Somethin' Else" (the Sex Pistols), and "C'mon Everybody" (Humble Pie, Sex Pistols, Bryan Adams) are all here. "Three Steps to Heaven," the title track of this 24-track EP selection became a posthumous UK No. 1 hit for Cochran following his tragic death in a car accident in 1960.

Eddie Cochran Three Steps To Heaven Track Listing:

1. Summertime Blues
2. Twenty Flight Rock
3. Somethin' Else
4. Boll Weevil Song
5. Teenage Heaven
6. I Remember
7. Blue Suede Shoes
8. Long Tall Sally
9. Little Angel
10. Milk Cow Blues
11. Three Steps To Heaven
12. Cut Across Shorty
13. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie
14. Pocketful Of Hearts
15. Weekend
16. Cherished Memories
17. Nervous Breakdown
18. Pretty Girl
19. Rock 'N' Roll Blues
20. Dark Lonely Street
21. Sweetie Pie
22. Skinny Jim
23. Sweetie Pie
24. Skinny Jim

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