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Elvis Perkins - Creation Myths Vinyl LP - direct audio

Elvis Perkins - Creation Myths Vinyl LP

MIR Image Records

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Elvis Perkins Creation Myths Vinyl LP

Creation Myths was produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Guster, Benjamin Booker) and marks Elvis Perkins' first studio album in five years and follow-up to his soundtrack for 2017's The Blackcoat's Daughter, a film directed by his brother, Osgood. The LP makes subtle nods to Americana and spooky, blissed-out folk, but never lights for too long on any one spot. If there is a lyrical or thematic through-line to Creation Myths, it might simply be a longing for connection, be it romantic or spiritual. Elvis notes, "Sometimes you do the best things when you don't know what you're doing yet. I called this record Creation Myths because, in a way, I really don't know how these songs came into being. So they are the explanation of themselves."

Elvis introduced Creation Myths with "Half Life" with American Songwriter writing, "The single boasts country twang and a longing for love, united with pristine clarity from Perkins vocals. The emotive storytelling in the lyrics suggest Perkins' intimate ties to the song, while taking a hard look into hidden perspectives from the human mind based on unifying experiences." Previous to that he shared the album's closer "Anonymous" which was labeled "epic" and "swooning."

Of the timeless and sweeping fellow single "See Through," Elvis says, "See Through is something of a ghost song, or a ghosting-right-before-the-eyes song. And perhaps also something of a muted paean to the ameliorative quality of music, as herein we have two conflicted people in a shared space happily enough disappearing down the forking paths of their respective headphones. To me one of the best moments of the whole Sam Cohen-produced LP is the sonic vanishing act he pulls off in the final seconds of this track."

Elvis Perkins Creation Myths Track Listing:

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