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Elvis Perkins - I Aubade on 180g LP + Download - direct audio

Elvis Perkins - I Aubade on 180g LP + Download

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Elvis Perkins I Aubade on 180g LP + Download

Songwriter and recording artist Elvis Perkins will release his third full-length album, I Aubade in February 2015. This new work comes as something of a departure from his previous releases on XL Recordings. Whereas Ash Wednesday (2007) would not have been itself without the guidance of friend and producer Ethan Gold, and the eponymous Elvis Perkins in Dearland and subsequent Doomsday EP (2009) were group efforts, I Aubade was on the whole an autonomous project.

"I had the impulse to hear what would happen if left to and with my own devices,” says Perkins. "Not surprisingly this is the thing that sounds the most, to me, like myself.”

That said, a number of musicians, including Nick Kinsey and Wyndham Boylan-Garnett of Dearland, drummer Otto Hauser and multi-instrumentalist Frank Fairfield contributed to the album. Singer Cornelia Livingston is featured on several tracks and long time collaborator Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond makes an appearance as well. The album was mixed by Jesse Lauter and Elvis and mastered was by Alan Silverman.

Perkins adds, "The vast majority of what can be heard is the product of my own placement of microphones to source in the period between February 2012 & December 2013. My previous releases had for the most part been made with steady players in studios and overheard by engineers and producers, so this was for me both a novel approach and a return to the 4-tracking solitary self of my early 20's."

Elvis Perkins I Aubade Track Listing:

1. On Rotation Moses
2. My Kind
3. I Came for Fire
4. & Eveline
5. It’s Now or Never Loves
6. The Passage of the Black Gene
7. AM
8. Hogus Pogus
9. Gasolina
10. Accidental Tourist {a white Huayno melody}
11. All Today
12. My 2$
13. Wheel in the Morning

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