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Ennio Morricone - Morricone Segreto Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Ennio Morricone - Morricone Segreto Vinyl 2LP

Decca Records

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Ennio Morricone Morricone Segreto Vinyl 2LP

New 27-Track Vinyl 2LP Compilation Reveals the Hidden, Dark-Tinged and Psychedelic Side of the Much-Missed Maestro Complete with 7 Previously Unreleased Numbers!

The career of the influential Italian composer Ennio Morricone is celebrated by the new Decca Records collection, Morricone Segreto! The 27-track double vinyl LP affair features seven previously unreleased tracks and explores what is possibly Morricone's richest creative period, between the end of the 1960s to the early 80s, demonstrating Morricone's long lasting influence for generations of musicians and film directors to this day.

The world-renowned Italian composer sadly passed away at the age of 91 earlier in 2020. During an extraordinary career which spanned more than six decades, he created over 600 original compositions. He was, without a doubt, the most important Italian artist of the last 60 years and possibly the most well-known film music composer of the 20th century.

Yet, behind the mainstream Morricone hugely celebrated by critics and acclaimed by his audience, there is a hidden Morricone, a Morricone Segreto: an eccentric, underground genius who used his refined education, to implant cultured materials in a daily, popular context. This side of the Maestro that is mostly unknown to the broader audience, but deeply appreciated and influential for so many artists and connoisseurs.

This compilation explores what perhaps is the richest creative period of the Maestro, between the end of the 60s and the early 80s. Movies spanning from psychological thriller to Giallo lounge, crime flick and polar from all over the ‘70s; all genres for which the Maestro managed to create a unique and unmistakable style, blending avant-garde solutions with the finest pop-psych attitude.

This Morricone Segreto sonic journey was made possible by a deep digging among the historical archives of CAM Sugar, uncovering a treasure of rare and forgotten pieces, including a fistful of precious unreleased tracks and alternative takes that were never before published, extracted from Il Clan Dei Siciliani, Quando l'amore è sensualità, Stark System, Macchie Solari, Lui Per Lei, La Smagliatura and many other films that are rarely taken into account within the historiography of the Maestro. Morricone Segreto is proof that even a celebrated and renowned legend like Ennio Morricone can still hold secrets yet to be unveiled.

Ennio Morricone Morricone Segreto Track Listing:


1. "Vie-Ni" (alt. take) – QUANDO L'AMORE Ė SENSUALITÀ – 1973
2. "Fantasmi Grotteschi" (edit) – STARK SYSTEM – 1980
3. "Vita e Malavita" – STORIE DI VITA E MALAVITA – 1975
4. "Tette e Antenne, Tetti e Gonne" – LA SMAGLIATURA – 1975
5. "Patrizia" (alt. take – con voci) INCONTRO – 1971
7. "18 Pari" – UN UOMO DA RISPETTARE – 1972
8. "Psychedelic Mood" – LUI PER LEI – 1970
9. "Fuggire Lontano" (edit) – L'AUTOMOBILE – 1971
10. "Jukebox Psychédélique" – PEUR SUR LA VILLE – 1975
11. "Fondati Timori" – LA SMAGLIATURA – 1975


1. "Edda Bocca Chiusa" – LUI PER LEI – 1970
2. "Non Può Essere Vero" – MIO CARO ASSASSINO – 1972
3. "Eat It (versione singolo)" – EAT IT – 1969
4. "Nascosta nell'Ombra" – QUANDO L'AMORE Ė SENSUALITÀ – 1973
5. "Dramma su di Noi" – SPOGLIATI, PROTESTA, UCCIDI – 1972
6. "Lui per Lei" – LUI PER LEI – 1970
7. "Beat per Quattro Ruote" – L'AUTOMOBILE – 1971
8. "Stark System (Rock)" – STARK SYSTEM – 1980
9. "Il Clan dei Siciliani (Tema n. 5)" – IL CLAN DEI SICILIANI – 1969
10. "René La Canne" – RENE LA CANNE – 1977
11. "Ore 22" – SAN BABILA ORE 20: UN DELITTO INUTILE – 1976
12. "Sinfonia di una Città" – 2:47 | COPKILLER – 1983
13. "L'Incarico" – UN UOMO DA RISPETTARE – 1972
14. "L'Immoralità (edit)" – L'IMMORALITÀ – 1978
15. "Inseguimento Mortale" – LA TARANTOLA DAL VENTRE NERO – 1971
16. "Macchie Solari (The Victim – versione singolo)" – MACCHIE SOLARI – 1974

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