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Entombed A.D. - Back To The Front Vinyl LP (Backordered) - direct audio

Entombed A.D. - Back To The Front Vinyl LP (Backordered)

Century Media Records

  • $ 1998

Entombed A.D. Back To The Front Vinyl LP

The Swedish death metal forefathers and genre innovators Entombed A.D. have inspired tons of bands all around the globe with their invincible trademark sound. However, as the band’s last album Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments dates back to 2007, there is definitely more than a good reason for a bit of catch-up about why it took so long to finish the band’s superb tenth opus, programmatically titled Back To the Front.

Vocalist extraordinaire LG Petrov states: “Serpents… was a fairly good album but a little weak compared to previous works and the distribution wasn’t that great yet we continued playing shows throughout the past years but never really got going with new songs. At some point we decided that it was time for a new album, so we sat down and played riffs that we had from before as well as many new riffs and started putting them together which really sparked our motivation. That really gave us a push! We feel that this is the best album so far in many years and I think you can hear it on the album!”

Thematically, the will and determination to back up such words with fantastic songs is reflected in the powerful album title and part of the concept of the record as guitarist Nico Elgstrand describes: “A lot of the album is about being at war in different ways and struggles/shortcomings of mankind, so we felt that Back To The Front fitted really well. It has a military reference obviously and we also feel like a platoon that has been behind the frontlines for a long time anxious to get back into battle. Not mean and lean but rather fat and bored and really keen on getting back to what we do best, which of course is to kill!"

Produced by Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Hardcore Superstar) at Studio Bohus (Abba, Europe) in Kunälv, Back To The Front is 666% true to the Entombed A.D. everybody loves. While not falling for total regression back to the early classics “Left Hand Path” or “Clandestine,” it is a total bone-crushing opus that will have fans of all periods crying tears of joy and even the most stubborn fan of the early days join in shame.

From the morbid, pissed-off lyrics over detuned, massive riffs to the inimitable brick-heavy groove and LG Petrov’s titanic roar, Back To The Front not only musically but also visually with its stunning painting by Necropolitus Cracoviensis Zbgniew Bielak II (Watain, Ghost, Vader) seems to send a respectful nod to the old school as LG confirms: “The skull will always be a part of Entombed. I totally agree, we have taken away some of the "rock" parts and gone with more metal, and I think fans new and old will appreciate that.”

Entombed A.D. Back To The Front Track Listing:

1. Kill to Live
2. Bedlam Attack
3. Pandemic Rage
4. Second to None
5. Bait and Bleed
6. Waiting for Death
7. Eternal Woe
8. Digitus Medius
9. Vulture and the Traitor
11. Soldier of No Fortune

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