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Eric Hilton (Thievery Corporation) - The Impossible Silence Vinyl LP - direct audio

Eric Hilton (Thievery Corporation) - The Impossible Silence Vinyl LP

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Eric Hilton (Thievery Corporation) The Impossible Silence Vinyl LP

From Thievery Corporation co-founder Eric Hilton comes The Impossible Silence, a director's cut of elegant electronica inspired by vintage film soundtracks of the 1960's and 70's. Crafted at Hilton's Winter Palace Studio, The Impossible Silence unspools across 13 atmospheric cuts, a soundtrack to a film that exists only in the mind of the composer - and anyone who listens. Making a "filmic" record can have its perils; often these efforts can veer towards kitsch or parody.

But Hilton's uncanny ability to musically shapeshift, ably honed over 25 years of genre-hopping recordings with Thievery Corporation, serves him well here. Like a movie, the record flows through a variety of situational moods, at times melancholic, idyllic, while some tracks are slightly foreboding and others just plain groovy. This was intentional. "Not being bound by a real movie, or working for a director, I can control the ebb and flow of the mood throughout," says Hilton. "I didn't want to break the spell, I want the listener to be entranced."

The social and sexual revolutions of the late 60's and early 70's drove a coming together of the classically trained orchestral musicians, who traditionally scored films, with a new breed of unfettered funk and rock session players, brought in to provide a more contemporary sonic palette. This collision, funded by the large budgets of film studios, drove a unique moment in soundtrack music. Hilton is hugely influenced by this period, with many of the "top shelf" records in his collection filled out by the composers who masterminded these scores.

Hilton plays most of the instruments on The Impossible Silence; and readily admits this album was one of the most challenging projects he's undertaken in his career. "In some ways, making "The Impossible Silence" reminded me of "Saudade," which was the hardest Thievery album to record. The quieter and more delicate the music is, the harder it is to get the balance of everything right." says Hilton. "I created many of these songs prior to my previous record "Infinite Everywhere," which I released first. "Infinite Everywhere" works better as a gateway to my solo work for Thievery fans, it's more familiar sounding. 

Eric Hilton (Thievery Corporation) The Impossible Silence Track Listing:

1. Alma de Lisboa
2. Maestro del Suono
3. L' Espace
4. Midnight in Montmartre
5. Acetone Dub
6. Cassette d'Afrique
7. The Stranger
8. Dark Alley
9. Trust a Thief
10. The Impossible Silence
11. La Fille De Guyane
12. In A Quiet Mood
13. La Nuit (feat. Elin Melgarejo)

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