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European Sun - European Sun Colored Vinyl LP - direct audio

European Sun - European Sun Colored Vinyl LP

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European Sun European Sun Colored Vinyl LP

European Sun release their self-titled debut long player, an essential release for fans of Jonathan Richman, the Television Personalities, BMX Bandits, Felt, the June Brides, the Velvet Underground, C86, early Creation, Subway, Postcard and Sarah Records.

Housed inside a gorgeous sleeve that marries Warhol and Saville to sumptuous effect, the album brings you 12 songs about birds, belonging and Brexit, growing up, growing old and going to the seaside, looking back, looking forward and looking bewildered, dreaming, driving and despairing, and many more moments of frivolous profundity, all packaged inside conveniently-sized pop songs for your enjoyment and consumption.

Bristol-born Steve Miles writes, sings and plays the songs of European Sun. Rob Pursey and Amelia Fletcher play, sing and produce.

European Sun European Sun Track Listing:

1. A Song For Sisters
2. My Friend Robin
3. Never Too Old To Be Young
4. The Robin
5. So Small
6. Now I'm Ready To Be A Princess
7. She'll Fly Away
8. Favourite Day
9. Bohemian Blasphemy
10. You Belong Somewhere
11. Small Steps
12. Sleep Cottage

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