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False Prophet - Second Death Limited Edition Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

False Prophet - Second Death Limited Edition Vinyl 2LP

Blood Harvest

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False Prophet Second Death Limited Edition Vinyl 2LP

False Prophet was formed in the then musical barren wasteland known as Greensboro, NC. as a three piece by Paul Ray, Chris Lyndon and Tim Haisman under the moniker Abattoir, they were soon to be joined by Mike Morrison, and began their musical quest to create their brand of brutal assaulting metal. Taking their musical influences, from mid-80's thrash from the west coast like Exodus and Dark Angel, death metal pioneers such as Venom and Possessed, the metal/hardcore ideals of bands from the east coast like Overkill, and the more melodically heavy music from Europe, and created a sound that was both aggressive and technical.

After recording an early demo entitled "Sign of the Cross" released in 1989, False Prophet starting garnering local and international attention, landing them opening slots for Danzig, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Death Angel, Confessor and Demolition Hammer, among others. In 1991 False Prophet would self-release the album The Second Death. Around this time, original drummer Haisman would leave the band and be replaced by Raymond Martin. The band received great reviews and had numerous interviews with underground fanzines and metal magazines alike.

Around 1992 the band changed their name to Infernal Hierarchy. With the new name change, the band once again returned to the studio to record a two song demo, which would later be released on 7" by Rage Records in 1993. These songs once again displayed the growing musicianship and songwriting that a constant touring schedule was helping the band achieve. After much success with this release, the band decided to disband this incarnation due to personal circumstances.

With the new found freedom of the internet, the band was approached about re-releasing all of their previous material. Enlisting Jamie King, producer of bands such as Between the Buried and Me, to remaster all of the old recordings, and the results are spectacular, resulting in the release of The Second Death with new packaging, on full-length double vinyl through Blood Harvest Records. All Hail the coming of The Second Death...again

False Prophet Second Death Track Listing:

1. Diabolic Rites (Intro)
2. Second Death
3. Holy Deception
4. In Satan's Name
5. Forgotten Souls
6. Bring Back a Memory
7. Red Dawn
8. Sign of the Cross
9. Devil's Meat
10. False Prophecy
11. First Born
12. Flase Prophecy
13. Murder or Mercy
14. Knights of Salem

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