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Francois Lindemann - Nu Bass Vinyl LP (Backordered) - direct audio

Francois Lindemann - Nu Bass Vinyl LP (Backordered)

TCB The Montreux

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Francois Lindemann Nu Bass Vinyl LP

Founded in 2015 by pianist Francois Lindemann, this music ensemble, Nu Bass, can be described as an “ethno-jazz group” regarding the instruments used here. Piano, drums, tabla, oud, and a rare combination of 2 double basses. All pieces are composed by Francois especially for this unique instrumentation.

The 6 musicians are coming from different parts of the world: France, Tunisia, Switzerland and India. All of them have a big experience in improvisation and musical interaction and great skills on their respective instruments. For many years these musicians have traveled and performed all across the globe. Nu Bass has been performing since their founding in numerous halls and jazz venues around the world like the Montreaux Jazz Festival 2016, where their performance received outstanding ovation.

Recorded August 30-31 & September 1, 2017 at Studio la Buissonne, Pernes-Les-Fontaines, France


Francois Lindemann, piano
Heiri Kanzig, double bass
Ivor Malherbe, double bass
Amine Mraihi, oud
Olivier Clerc, drums
Mayank Bedekar, tabla

Francois Lindemann Nu Bass Track Listing:

1. Chant de Lune
2. Gaza - Tel Aviv
3. Nu Bass
4. Le comte de La Buissonne
5. Firuzaga
6. Springtime
7. Dear Paul
8. Le Chant des Basses

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