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Frankie Knuckles - Beyond The Mix on LP - direct audio

Frankie Knuckles - Beyond The Mix on LP

Virgin Records

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Frankie Knuckles Beyond The Mix on LP

Few figures in contemporary music have influenced their respective fields the way the recently deceased Frankie Knuckles revolutionized dance music. As one of the most renowned DJ’s in the world, Frankie Knuckles packed dance floors with his unique style for well over 30 years. Legions of admirers during his travels gave Frankie the nickname The Godfather of House, the press picked up on it and the rest is history.

Issued on Virgin Records in 1991, Beyond The Mix is the skilled producer's debut album. The trailblazing 10-song set features the standout numbers "Seminal Work" and "The Whistle Song," which was the first of four number ones on the US dance chart. Lisa Michaels guests on almost half of the tracks including "Rain Falls," "Sacrifice," "Right Thing" and "Sold On Love" while Shelton Becton appears on "It's Hard Sometime" and "Soon I Will Be Done."

Frankie Knuckles Beyond The Mix Track Listing:

1. Godfather
2. Rain Falls
3. The Whistle Song
4. It's Hard Sometimes
5. Sacrifice
6. Party At My House
7. Right Thing
8. Workout
9. Sold On Love
10. Soon I Will Be Done

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