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Frankie Lee - American Dreamer on LP - direct audio

Frankie Lee - American Dreamer on LP

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Frankie Lee American Dreamer on LP

American Dreamer is the debut full-length album from singer/songwriter Frankie Lee recorded at Real Phonic Studios in Minneapolis, MN. In 2010 Lee moved back from California to Minnesota to be closer to his family. In a series of diners and motels during the long drive home he penned the songs which were later released on his DIY Middle West EP.

Lee has spent the last three years working on a hog farm in rural Minnesota and developing songs for his studio debut. Many of these songs reflect his change in focus from the guitar to the piano, a move necessitated by a farming accident that crushed three of the fingers on his left hand.

Of his return to the landscape that is the backdrop of so many of his songs, Lee says, "I'd been gone 10 years. I decided when I got back home, to really go back home, back to the land and the people who shaped me. The people I come from are North Dakota wheat farmers. Hardworking, soft-spoken, Scandinavians who moved to the middle of nowhere with nothing, and of that place made everything they needed. There's a movement now to get back to that way of living, and if we're gonna last a while then I think that's the only way we're gonna make it."

Frankie Lee American Dreamer Track Listing:

1. High And Dry
2. Where Do We Belong
3. Queen Of Carolina
4. East Side Blues
5. Black Dog
6. Buffalo
7. Honest Man
8. Know By Now
9. Horses
10. American Dreamer

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