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Generation X - Sweet Revenge 180g Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) - direct audio

Generation X - Sweet Revenge 180g Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock)

Munster Records

  • $ 2398

Generation X Sweet Revenge 180g Vinyl LP

An essential piece in the discography of one of the original UK punk bands, Sweet Revenge is the third LP by Generation X's original line-up (Billy Idol - vocals, Tony James - bass, Bob "Derwood" Andrews - guitar, Mark Laff - drums), recorded in 1979 and unreleased until 1998. 180-gram vinyl pressing from Munster Records.

"In early 1979 Generation X went to the English countryside to write and 'routine' the band's third album. We felt we had a new sound, simple songs delivered with more space than most rock'n'roll, so we went into Olympic Studios in Barnes, London and began recording with the house engineer, Doug Bennett, as co-producer. Most of the songs were recorded before our tour of Japan in June '79. On our return Billy came into the studio with an outline of a song called 'Dancing With Myself'. We went to work on it and pretty much finished it quickly and we felt it was the song to lead the album, a single I guess.

Then I left the band at the end of the year and carried the fuckin' stack of 1/4" master tapes around the world for many years. A year or so later they changed the band name to Gen X and re-recorded four or five songs for the album Kiss Me Deadly. Billy later released the re-recorded version of 'Dancing With Myself' for his solo career in America and the rest is history.

"After years in storage my tapes were nearing the end of their life, so I digitized them in order to save this lost treasure. I named the album KMD Sweet Revenge. Some time later the album was released in Germany, Japan, Spain and supposedly the USA, however the release in America was quashed until Capitol Records put out their own version within a 3-CD anthology of the band, using some different mixes of the songs from cassette tapes. The recordings are almost complete minus a few guitar solos and final mixes. Time on Generation X had run out, but this album clearly shows the direction the band were heading and is worth documenting and certainly worth playing. For your pleasure...Sweet Revenge." - Bob "Derwood" Andrews

Generation X Sweet Revenge Track Listing:

1. Dancing with Myself
2. Modern Boys
3. Stars Look Down
4. Triumph
5. Girls Girls Girls
6. Anna Smiles
7. Flash As Hell
8. Psycho Beat
9. Cathy Come Home
10. Revenge

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