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George Duke - Follow The Rainbow on 180g Import LP - direct audio

George Duke - Follow The Rainbow on 180g Import Vinyl LP

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George Duke Follow The Rainbow on 180g Import Vinyl LP

The fusion movement has a lot in common with a tropical storm: it rages fiercely in its early phases but becomes less wild later on, yet still blows a gale. In the eye of the storm that tore its path through the various musical styles and genres as from 1960 is George Duke, who entered into creative and stormy partnerships with such artists as Frank Zappa, Miles Davis and Jean-Luc Ponty.

The rainbow colors with which Duke chose to tint this album are taken less from the paintpots of fusion jazz and rock, and rather more from the black, natural colors of rhythm & blues. Next to a relaxed love groove ("Say That You Will") we find a polyphonic vocal number with solos ("Sunrise"), which conjures up the nostalgic atmosphere of Motown, then on the decline.

Then there is snappy funk in all manner of variations, such as "Party Down," which swings trendily along but then comes over unfiltered and dry as a bone. In "Follow The Rainbow," genial musicianship, expert arrangements and a special feeling for resonance amalgamate to create a tightly-knit sound which is ever fresh and easy-going.


George Duke (vocals, keyboard)
Larry Williams (tenor saxophone, flute)
Eric Culver (trombone)
Charles Icarus Johnson (guitar)
Byron Miller (bass)
Ricky Lawson / Leon 'Ndugu' Chandler (drums)
Sheila Escovedo (percussion, vocals)
Napoleon Murphy Brock (vocals)

George Duke Follow The Rainbow Track Listing:

1. Party Down
2. Say That You Will
3. Funkin' For The Thrill
4. Sunrise
5. Festival
6. I Am For Real (May The Funk Be With You)
7. Straight From The Heart
8. Corine
9. Pluck
10. Follow The Rainbow

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