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Gong - The Universe Also Collapses 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Gong - The Universe Also Collapses 180g Vinyl LP

K Scope Records

  • $ 2498

Gong The Universe Also Collapses 180g Vinyl LP

Gong, the vanguards of 20th and 21st Century psychedelic music, lead the way with their new studio album, The Universe Also Collapses. Their first for Kscope, it's the latest shining point on a continuum, a masterpiece of visionary psychedelia, a celebration of the magick of science, a journey both internal and external, bridging the worlds of lysergic exploration and quantum physics, equal parts Terence McKenna and Stephen Hawking.

"We wanted to make what we thought of as the ultimate psychedelic rock album," says singer/guitarist Kavus Torabi. "The word ‘psychedelic' gets bandied around a lot, and a great deal of the stuff that gets called psychedelic nowadays doesn't match up to the description. I want to hear music that makes me feel like I'm on drugs."

The Universe Also Collapses is all of that, but it's much more too. This is the second album since the death in 2015 of Daevid Allen, the maverick genius who founded Gong more than 50 years ago in a flash of LSD-fueled inspiration. If 2016's Rejoice! I'm Dead! was a tribute of sorts to the band's departed talisman, the new LP marks the dawning of a new chapter. Where Gong's willfully erratic path has stopped off at pulsing space rock, pot-headed whimsy, needle-sharp fusion and all points in between, the new album is an undiluted psychedelic experience.

It's no coincidence that The Universe Also Collapses feels like a trip, in the true sense. Its four tracks ebb and flow, bend and warp, fold in on themselves then open out in a dazzling display of sound and imagery. This is the lysergic experience recreated in musical form. "We consciously wanted it to sound like a big musical revelation. Let it have everything: the build-up, the bliss, the dark voyage of the soul, the epiphany," explains Kavus.

Gong The Universe Also Collapses Track Listing:

1. Forever Reoccurring
2. If Never I'm And Ever You
3. My Sawtooth Wake
4. The Elemental

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