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Gorguts - Obscura 180g Vinyl LP (Awaiting Repress) - direct audio

Gorguts - Obscura 180g Vinyl LP (Awaiting Repress)

Century Media Records

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Gorguts Obscura 180g Vinyl LP

Century Media Records is proud to announce the vinyl reissues of two groundbreaking technical death metal albums by long-running Canadian legends Gorguts with new pressings of Obscura (1998) and From Wisdom to Hate (2001). Few extreme bands have the pedigree of Gorguts. During their early days as part of death metal's first wave, they created a legacy of legendary releases including their debut album Considered Dead (1991) and its follow-up Erosion of Sanity (1993). The latter witnessed the Canadians becoming more experimental and technical.

After a hiatus of five years, Luc Lemay returned with a new line-up, which released the acclaimed third full-length Obscura in 1998. By then Gorguts had fully transformed into one of the most progressive and influential bands in extreme music, which remained impervious to trends, while expanding and redefining the language of death metal. With a new line-up that left Lemay as the sole original member, another milestone album was released with From Wisdom to Hate in 2001. Here, the Quebecois successfully merged the brutal and more direct approach of their earlier albums with the complex arrangements of Obscura.

Just as Gorguts seemed on the verge of making the first decade of the new century their own, the band was hit by business and personal issues and went on hiatus. Their musical legacy continued to inspire and thrive as their native Quebec became a focus for technical death metal with acts such as Cryptopsy, Neuraxis and Beyond Creation following in their footsteps. After twelve long years the band returned in 2013 with their fifth full-length, Colored Sands on Season of Mist.

Gorguts Obscura Track Listing:

1. Obscura
2. Earthly Love
3. The Carnal State
4. Nostalgia
5. The Art Of Sombre Ecstacy
6. Clouded
7. Subtle Body
8. Rapturous Grief
9. La Vie Est Prelude... (La Mort, Orgasme)
10. Illuminatus
11. Faceless Ones
12. Sweet Silence

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