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Gypsy Mamba - Magnetic Syndromes Vinyl LP - direct audio

Gypsy Mamba - Magnetic Syndromes Vinyl LP

Alpha Pup Records

  • $ 1998

Gypsy Mamba Magnetic Syndromes Vinyl LP

With a path spent traversing between self-illumination and inner turmoil, Gypsy Mamba continues to persevere forward. He is one of California's most raw and uncompromising electronic artists and rips open new portals of energy during his live performances. Signing with Alpha Pup Records for the release of 2015's Da Feenux, Gypsy Mamba is ready to launch out of the gates with his sophomore record Magnetic Syndromes, his most dynamic and personal record to date. As the title suggests, Magnetic Syndromes is the sonic description of a life filled with unpredictable changes, carved out from the lens intensive view of Gypsy Mamba's life. It can also be seen outside of the artist, defining the inner conflicts many conquer in their lifetime. Gypsy Mamba finds a battleground between the darkness and the light in Magnetic Syndromes. A unique music environment where tracks fluctuate between the frenetic and the subdued. It's all pulled off with a wild array of colors and rhythms that can't be associated to any other artist.

Following the release of Da Feenux, recordings for Magnetic Syndromes took place immediately at Gypsy Mamba's home studio. Makan of Bür Gür and Kelley Mak add vocal treatment, giving the record an undeniable transformation that his music has never seen before. The LP showcases a more complex side to Gypsy Mamba's usual approach, infusing Reason 8 and their built-in VST's that's a fresh take on the popular music technology. On a handful of the tracks, synth solo's flare well outside of the base and find home in a more lyrical terrain, projecting the soul of Gypsy Mamba in a way that takes the music to new worlds. The tracks move in and out of bass heavy club anthems to thought provoking ambient pop pieces. The energy is constantly morphing, retracting and expanding, much like the process Gypsy took on purging many areas of his life to find true happiness.

Gypsy Mamba has found a new home base of composition approach with Magnetic Syndromes. Mixing / mastering was completed by labelhead Daddy Kev in fall 2016 and it marks his second release with Alpha Pup Records.

Gypsy Mamba Magnetic Syndromes Track Listing:

1. Like Chill
2. Circles Don't Exist
3. Choker
4. Stale Crumbs (feat Makan Negahban)
5. Lapis
6. Get What You Take (feat Kelley Mak)
7. Nerds
8. Volcano Sunset
9. Space Dust Ain't Much
10. Lingering Feenux

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