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Holychild - The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come on LP - direct audio

Holychild - The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come on Vinyl LP

Glass Note Records

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Holychild The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come on Vinyl LP

LA duo Holychild is comprised of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller. They met in college in 2011, have been writing music together ever since, coining their own distinctive and addictive genre: Brat Pop. "Brat pop is one-half rebellion and one-half entertainment,” Diller says. “We’re not in it to spoon-feed people, but we are in it to entertain, put on a show, make people happy and make them move.”

Their debut Glassnote Records album, The Shape Of Brat Pop To Com, was written in London and LA, and tackles the issues of power dynamics and inequality - be it racial, social status, or gender-motivated. The beats are wild (thanks in no small part to Diller’s stint in Cuba studying Afro-Cuban drumming), and the tongues are placed firmly in cheek.

Liz says: “On one hand we use sex to sell things. We’re drawing people in by being like, “Look! Sex sex sex!’ And then raising the thought of, ‘Sex sells! Why do you buy into that?’ That concept is really fascinating to me. It’s definitely hypocritical, but at the same time I feel like we’re all hypocrites.”

Holychild The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come Track Listing:

1. Barbie Nation
2. Nasty Girls
3. Happy With Me
4. Tell Me How It Is
5. Running Behind
6. Money All Around
7. Monumental Glow
8. Plastered Smile
9. Best Friends
10. Diamonds On The Rebound
11. Regret You
12. U Make Me Sick

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