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Homeboy Sandman - Don't Feed the Monster Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Homeboy Sandman - Don't Feed the Monster Vinyl 2LP

Mello Music Group Records

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Homeboy Sandman Don't Feed the Monster Vinyl 2LP

Homeboy Sandman's new album Don't Feed The Monster, is a collaboration with producer/MC Quelle Chris. It's also his most vulnerable and poignant work to date. Having grown up in Queens, New York, hip-hop was part of everything in life. This deep-rooted connection to the culture is evident when listening to his style of rhyming- bold, classic & deeply respectful. On Don't Feed The Monster, he pulls back any pretense to show his most honest truth - a process that he needed both artistically and spiritually. "I was having a hard time and this record saved me thank Quelle and thank God and shout to Gabor Maté," he said about the new album.

Album producer (and guest vocalist) Quelle Chris has been one of the most talked about and celebrated hip-hop artists on the planet these last few years. Both producing and rapping, Quelle has released critically acclaimed albums like Guns, Innocent Country 2, and Everything's Fine with his collaborator/wife Jean Grae. "There's a certain mystic/magical power in words, sounds, rhythms, etc. It's rare to come across a brother/artist like Sandman," he says when asked about his new album with Homeboy Sandman.

Don't Feed The Monster is a marvel of how an artist can dig deeper still, even years into his craft. The chemistry between the producer and MC has unlocked something within Sandman, surfacing memories, textures & details in a more vivid way than ever before. "(We) wanted to project growth and not regression. Being careful not to feed the monster," Quelle says about the mission of the album. One would be right to assume that bringing two elite talents together would yield an incredible album. But, when imagining what this album brings in its entirety, Quelle says it best: "raw, pure, organic magic."

Homeboy Sandman Don't Feed the Monster Track Listing:


1. Trauma
2. Extinction
3. Stress
4. Hello Dancer
5. Waiting On My Girl
6. Shorty Heights
7. Scare You


1. Don't Look Down
2. Monument
3. Triple Warmer
4. Biters
5. Alone Again
6. Walk By Faith
7. Gestation
8. Straight

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