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iFi - Micro iTube Buffer Stage


  • $ 32900

iFi iTube Tube Buffer Stage/Preamplifier

The Groundbreaking iFi iTube Tube-Buffer Stage Adds the Magic of Tubes to Any System

Improves Both Analog and Digital Components in Any Solid-State System: Simply Place After Any Component or Between Preamp and Power Amp

Patented Technologies Remove Digital Harshness and Adds the Even-Order Harmonic Structure that All Audiophile Crave

Add the magical warmth that only tubes can provide! We're not exaggerating: The iTube is the most innovative, affordable high-end product to hit the market in years. Different from any other affordable component available, iTube dramatically improves the sound of both the digital and analog sources throughout your system. Place this miniature marvel between your preamplifier and power amp or behind your CD player, DAC, or phonostage and hear a world of difference. The increase in midrange clarity and added dimensionality will leave you breathless. It's like adding a new all-tube preamp to your system, for under three hundred bucks!

"You can place the iTube between pre and power amps though in my case this wasn't viable long-term as I require two outputs from a preamp. For me it's not a question of whether I need an iFiTube; rather it's how many do I need? I could do with one iTube for my DAC, another for my phonostage and a third one for my desktop system."
– Clive Meakins, Enjoy the Music.com

The "Swiss Army Knife of Audio" Has No Limits
Dubbed by iFi as the "Swiss Army Knife of Audio," it brings the full body, lush, and detailed sound of tubes to everything you play. But it does so much more. Equipped with patented technology to unleash the sound trapped within speakers as well as a patented Digital Antidote Plus circuit that removes the harsh ringing in digital sources, iTube offers input impedances of 1M ohm (buffer) to 100k (preamp) with the ability to drive up to 600 ohm loads. Such capability means you can use the iTube to bridge different impedance systems - such as tubes to solid-state.

"There is no single device in the market that comes even close to iTube array of features and performance. For Pure Class A preamp section + tube buffer, Digital Antidote, 3D Holographic sound and adjustable gain levels iTube deserved to be praised. All that without even going into a pricing scheme."
– Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo

Pure Analog Volume Control, Amazing Tube, Patented 3D HolographicSound
A pure analog volume control preserves the innermost resolution of the signal while a General Electric NOS 5670 tube - with an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours - exemplifies harmonic character, warmth, and tonal consistency. Coupled with these advanced parts, iFi's patented 3D HolographicSound offers for the first time since stereo's invention the means to correctly playback the majority of stereo recordings by taking into account the differences in stereo separation at high and low frequencies due to the size and shape of the human head. For desktop systems, iTube employs 3D HolographicSound Wide, providing a front-to-back sound field that exists outside of the speaker boundaries. Both patented technologies yield wider soundstages, greater depth, immediate naturalism, and truer dimensions.

"You could say the worse the digital source, the more effective the iTube will be... Here, the tube buffer coupled with the 3D HolographicSound circuit and Digital Antidote offer up a triple treat capable of turning your desktop's digits into more natural sounding music."
– Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream

Digital Antidote Plus Designed for High-Resolution Digital Audio
Tailored for high-resolution digital audio, iFi's patented Digital Antidote Plus significantly reduces ringing and distortion - two primary factors associated with listening fatigue and digital harshness. You'll hear warmer, clearer, and more accurate musical information, encouraging you to do more listening and bringing you closer to the music you love.


Input voltage: AC 100-240v, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: <4W Idle, 10W max
Input impedance: 1M ohm Direct Tube Buffer
100k ohm Pre Amplifier with Volume Control
Output stage output impedance: <1 ohm
Corrected output impedance: <200 ohm
Dimensions: 6.9" x 2.6" x 1.1"
Weight: 0.61 lbs.
Warranty period: 12 months

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