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IsoAcoustics - ISO-130 Monitor Stands Supports Small Speakers Pair


  • $ 8999

IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Monitor Stands Supports Small Speakers Pair

If you're investing in a nice pair of monitors, why not invest in the stands that ensure their optimal performance?

This pair of IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R130 monitor stands employ the same principles as the best professional studios to simulate speaker "flotation." Thanks to a patented design, the IsoAcoustics stands eliminate the transfer of energy from your speakers to surrounding surfaces, which means you'll hear clean, accurate sound with every listen.

Hear Enhanced Transparency, Tonality, and Imaging by Lifting Your Bookshelf Speakers Off the Floor: IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Isolation Speaker Stands Feature 14 Variations of Height and Tilt Adjustments

It's simple, really: Isolate your loudspeakers and elevate your music's overall performance. Providing unflappable acoustic isolation that leads to better transparency, tonality, imaging, and bass response, IsoAcoustics ISO-130 isolation speaker stands let you optimize speaker placement and sound.

Designed for small bookshelf and monitor speakers, ISO-130 features 14 variations of height and tilt adjustments so you can dial-in specifications to fit your exact listening preference, position, and environment. When placed on ISO-130, your speakers will be removed from the vibration-prone supporting surface and breathe with newfound clarity, openness, and accuracy.

Engineered with a unique, patented isolation technology that provides a high degree of isolation and permits your speakers to deliver authentic, sound, ISO Series stands effectively eliminates energy transfer into the supporting surfaces. Their low profile and contemporary design also positions your speaker closer to the supporting surface or meter bridge, while redesigned isolators further enhance the acoustic properties. At its tallest adjustment, ISO-130 goes up to eight inches high. At its lowest, its height reaches to 2.7 inches. Each stand's footprint measures 5.1 x 6 inches.

We cannot think of another speaker-related accessory at this price level that makes such a drastic difference. Arrange an in-home audition today and hear what ISO-130 stands can do for your music.


Dimensions: 5.1" x 6"
Height, Short: 2.7"
Height, Tall: 8"
Capacity: 20 lbs.

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