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Jack Name - Magic Touch Vinyl LP - direct audio

Jack Name - Magic Touch Vinyl LP

Mexican Summer Records

  • $ 1998

Jack Name Magic Touch Vinyl LP

In a time rife with alienation, Magic Touch, the third album by the ubiquitous and mysterious Jack Name, offers the comfort of contact. With a body of work that ranges from the catchy to the cacophonous, Name has earned the reputation of a musician who's difficult to define. For over a decade, he's been a fixture in the Los Angeles underground.

His songs have appeared on albums by U.S. Girls and White Fence; he's produced recordings for Cass McCombs and collaborated with Ariel Pink; and his experimental music has been performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Magic Touch reveals yet another side of Jack Name. While it's every bit as intricate as his previous releases, 2014's Light Show and 2015's Weird Moons, here he's done away with the dense production of his earlier work to make a record that feels stark, personal, and effortlessly natural.

There are no synths, no effects, and none of the studio razzle-dazzle that Name became known for with songs like "Pure Terror" and "Running After Ganymede." Here there's just an analog mixing board and an ensemble of ​Wrecking Crew​-level musicians from the upper echelons of the LA underground, playing parts that weave in and out of each other like ornate braids of sound. A not-so-secret shredder himself, Name's guitar and bass work ​on Magic Touch is also truly masterful.

With nothing more than the bare music and unadorned language, ​Magic Touch​ casts a spell to invoke the very real magic of human connection. All you have to do is listen.

Jack Name Magic Touch Track Listing:

1. Karolina
2. A Moving-On Blues
3. Dudette
4. Empty Nights
5. Kick-Around Johnny
6. Sacred Place
7. Do You Know Ida No?
8. Having a Good Time
9. I Came to Tell You in Plain English (I'm Leaving You)
10. Losing My Way

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