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Jan And Dean - Sounds For A Rainy Day EP on 45RPM 7" Vinyl - direct audio

Jan And Dean - Sounds For A Rainy Day EP on 45RPM 7" Vinyl

Sundazed Records

  • $ 999

Jan And Dean Sounds For A Rainy Day EP on 45RPM 7" Vinyl from Sundazed

Jan Berry, the lead vocalist, composer and producer of famed surf/hot rod duo Jan & Dean crashed his Corvette on the Sunset Strip late at night on April 19, 1966, almost killing himself. Jan remained in a coma for some time afterwards, and his rehab would take years rather than months. The hitmaking partnership of Jan & Dean, an act that had launched 14 winners into the national Top 40 over the previous six years, had come to a screeching halt. Or had it?

Dean Torrence, singer of the duo’s ozone-scraping high parts, its specialist in vocal-stacking and its idea man when it came to personal presentation, decided to carry on single-handed while his partner was incapacitated. With the assistance of a few celebrated friends and session men who were regulars in Phil Spector’s Wrecking Crew including bassist Joe Osborn, pianist Larry Knechtel, guitarist James Burton and drummer Mickey Jones, Dean began recording tracks whenever he could in Osborn’s North Hollywood garage for what would become the new Jan & Dean album, Save for a Rainy Day.

The album was a spectacular concept, with its rain-related songs, both new and old, all linked together with the sound of a summer thunderstorm. Dean issued the LP in very limited quantities on his own J&D label and the album became the ultimate rarity in the Jan & Dean catalog. Enter Sundazed Music, who, in 1996, purchased the masters and rights to the album from Dean and gave it a proper, expanded release.

Now Sundazed takes it a welcome step further with the 7" vinyl release of the Sounds For A Rainy Day EP which boasts four unreleased instrumental tracks from Jan And Dean's Save For A Rainy Day sessions including "Yellow Balloon," "Raindrops," "California Lullaby" and "Here Comes The Rain."

Jan And Dean Sounds For A Rainy Day EP Track Listing:

1. Yellow Balloon
2. Raindrops
3. California Lullaby
4. Here Comes The Rain

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