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Jessie Ware - Devotion on Vinyl LP - direct audio

Jessie Ware - Devotion on Vinyl LP

Interscope Records

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Jessie Ware Devotion on Vinyl LP

Jessie Ware is a proper pop star. With her soulful, melancholy vocal, effortlessly elegant songwriting skills and, of course, that striking slicked-back hair, she marks a new era for pop. Her outstanding debut album Devotion combines the ultra-modern feel of downtempo R&B and British electronic music with the melodrama of classic stars like Sade and Whitney Houston.

Devotion contains effortless poise within its 11 laid-back, soulful pop songs which run the spectrum of sweet and dark. “I feel like I’ve been allowed to push it with the melodrama,” she smiles. “Like [early single] Running was me thinking of Whitney Houston’s Queen of the Night and romantic film scenes from the 80s, where the guy sees the girl at the prom.” The title track, she says, is the first song she wrote with Dave Okumu from The Invisible, who would become a key part of the making of the album. “That’s why I wanted the album to be called that, because it’s where it started. That’s when I felt like a singer, and could express myself in the way that I wanted, with the music I wanted.”

The upbeat nu-soul swing of "Sweet Talk" (“one of my favourite songs”) is about someone trying to pull you in even though you’re trying to stay away, sung with flirtatiousness, but also a hint of danger. "Night Light" may seem dark, with its remarkable and dense shimmering layers and lines about shadows and ghosts, but actually, Jessie says, “the essence of it is very sweet. It’s about my boyfriend, and being scared of the dark, and him just...being there.”

Devotion takes a look at other relationships, too, not just romantic ones. Next single, the tentatively desperate "Wildest Moments" is of particular significance to her. “It’s about my relationship with my best friend. We love and hate each other. I never fight with anybody more than her. She’s the person who told me I was an idiot and asked me why I wasn’t singing when I have a voice, so she means a lot to me. It’s about those extremes of being amazing and awful together.”

"Taking In Water," meanwhile, all powerful choral melancholy, is a message of support for her younger brother. “I’m proud of that one because it’s really emotional. My brother was going through a hard time, and I love him dearly, and we’ve never been very good at speaking to each other, so I put it in a song. I don’t even think he’s heard it!”

Pulling it all together with a uniquely Jessie Ware sound were her producers Dave Okumu, Julio Bashmore and Kid Harpoon. “They’ve been my three people for this album. I like that they all bring something different out in me.” But it’s Dave in particular who seemed to tease all of her potential out into the open. “I couldn’t have done the album without him,” she says. “He’s taught me so much. He reads my mind. He’s the best person in the world.”

Jesse Ware Devotion Track Listing:

1. Devotion
2. Wildest Moments
3. Running
4. Still Love Me
5. No to Love
6. Night Light
7. Swan Song
8. Sweet Talk
9. 110%
10. Taking In Water
11. Something Inside
12. Imagine It Was Us

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