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Jill Barber - Chansons Vinyl LP (Special Order) - direct audio

Jill Barber - Chansons Vinyl LP (Special Order)

Outside Music

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Jill Barber Chansons Vinyl LP

When Jill Barber took to the South of France where she enrolled in an intensive French language school, attending two month-long programs over the course of two years, she began to gain more confidence in French, and celebrated the language with 2013's Chansons, an album of her own interpretations of classic French songs from both France and Québec. Jill meticulously curated the repertoire herself, selecting material from a long list of over thirty songs, drawn both from her own collection, and from recommendations from friends within the Francophone community that she was now becoming a part of.

"I spent time with the songs. I strolled the streets with Aznavour, I sat in a sidewalk cafe with Piaf, poured a stiff drink with Gainsbourg, and I became absolutely enamoured and inspired by French music in the process," she explains. "There are so many incredible songs that I would have loved to record, however I feel that this collection touches on all the aspects of French music that I love, from the sultry and romantic ballads to the whimsical and playful waltzes." Each song is treated lovingly, and with due respect by Jill and arranger Drew Jurecka, who endeavored to keep the spirit of the original song in place.

"They're classics for a reason. I wanted to lend my voice and offer my interpretation, expressing how the song particularly makes me feel." Jurecka, inspired by the original compositions adds his own flavor to the songs through beautifully crafted arrangements and thoughtful production.

"Singing in French has been like rediscovering my voice, my instrument," Barber adds. "The French language, particularly when sung, is very beautiful to me. It is a great pleasure for me to sing, and I think that enjoyment comes through."

Jill Barber Chansons Track Listing:

1. Petite Fleur
2. J'attendrai
3. Mélancolie
4. La Javanaise
5. Sous Le Ciel de Paris
6. En Septembre Sous la Pluie
7. Je Cherche Un Homme
8. N'oublie Jamais
9. Quand Les Hommes Vivront D'amour
10. Les Feuilles Mortes
11. Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux
12. Adieu Foulards

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