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Jim Jefferies - Freedumb Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Jim Jefferies - Freedumb Vinyl 2LP

800 Pound Gorilla

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Jim Jefferies Freedumb Vinyl 2LP

Jim Jefferies' second Netflix comedy special, Freedumb, sees the Australian comic unleashing his famously ferocious black humor on a variety of topics ranging from personal stories including how he is coping with fatherhood to political and social commentary about religion, freedom and even Bill Cosby. Freedumb was recorded in front of a sold out audience at Nashville's James Polk Theater and premiered in July of 2016.

Jim Jefferies Freedumb Track Listing:


1. Intro
2. Bill Cosby
3. Don't Read My Material
4. The Mother of My Child
5. The Pregnant are the Worst People on Earth
6. Don't Shake the Baby
7. Hank's Not Vaccinated (Part 1) [Vinyl]
8. Hank's Not Vaccinated (Part Two) [Vinyl]
9. The Biggest Fight Ever
10. My Son's Autistic
11. Simon Taught Me That
12. Rosa Parks
13. Sitdown Wee
14. Shitting In Front of Hank


1. New Fans
2. Hate Mail
3. Is Is
4. Straight Talker
5. You're Slowing Us Down
6. Freedumb
7. My Letter to Hank
8. The Secret to Happiness
9. One Two

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