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Joachim Cooder - Over That Road I'm Bound Vinyl LP - direct audio

Joachim Cooder - Over That Road I'm Bound Vinyl LP

Nonesuch Records

  • $ 1998

Joachim Cooder Over That Road I'm Bound Vinyl LP

On his Nonesuch Records debut, Over That Road I'm Bound, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joachim Cooder uses the plain-spoken songs of country-music progenitor and banjo player Uncle Dave Macon as a jumping off point, playing with the lyrics and reworking melodies for his chosen instrument: an electric mbira (a variation on an African thumb piano). Cooder culled songs from Macon's vast catalog and recorded them with his band and special guests: Ry Cooder (banjo, guitar, bass, backing vocals), Rayna Gellert (fiddle), Juliette Commagere (backing vocals), Sam Gendel (bass), Glenn Patscha (piano and pump organ), Amir Yaghmai (yali tambur), Dan Gellert (banjo and fiddle), and Vieux Farka Touré (guitar).

Born in 1870, Macon built a repertoire of music from the latter part of the nineteenth century and revived it for the early twentieth century ears: minstrel show and vaudeville tunes, folk songs, and spirituals, gleaned from fellow travelers both Black and white.

Years later, as an adult, he reconnected with Macon's music: "I would bring my daughter to my parents' house and my dad would play the banjo, and that's when I heard ‘Morning Blues' again. By this point, I had been playing the electric mbira for a long time: I'd made a record with it and it's what I play on tour.

There was something very modal about either banjo music in general or how my dad was playing that one song, so I picked up the mbira and just started playing with him. There was a vague otherworldly quality to it. I thought, ‘I want to play these songs this way.' I'm not a banjo player so I couldn't come at it in a purist standpoint. I started listening every morning; I would put on a box set of Uncle Dave's music and my daughter and I would listen to it. She in a way was the director of the project, insisting upon certain songs that we would listen to over and over again. Then I started changing the lyrics around with her in mind.

Joachim Cooder Over That Road I'm Bound Track Listing:

1. Over That Road I'm Bound To Go
2. When Ruben Comes To Town
3. Come Along Buddy
4. Oh Lovin' Babe
5. Tell Her To Come Back Home
6. Backwater Blues
7. Rabbit In The Pea Patch
8. Morning Blues
9. All In Down And Out
10. Heartaching Blues
11. Molly Married A Traveling Man
12. When The Train Comes Along

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