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Joan Shelley - Electric Ursa on LP - direct audio

Joan Shelley - Electric Ursa on LP

No Quarter Records

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Joan Shelley Electric Ursa on LP

Joan Shelley's music is startling, but not for its racket. It startles because of its closeness, the near-instant sense of familiarity we feel when we hear it. Her songs fill up the air around us, echoing like a voice lost in the later American and British folk revivals - some Anne Briggs here, a little Hedy West there. But none of them are "trad arr. Shelley." Joan wrote them all. Listen to her sing and it's evident. You've never heard that voice before, either.

Electric Ursa was recorded in Louisville, Kentucky and marks Joan's first release for No Quarter. It includes collaborations with new labelmate Nathan Salsburg, as well as several other of Louisville's fine musicians. In the eight songs that make up this record, we are seeing an artist in her stride, able to move seamlessly between darkness & light, attempting to reconcile the wild expanse of the future with the burdens of memory. And at the center of it all are songs of a nature beautiful, precise, and clear, delivered to us by her singular voice.

“Heartbreakingly gorgeous... she sings with striking intimacy, as though addressing someone sitting just a few feet away." – Chicago Reader

Joan Shelley Electric Ursa Track Listing:

1. Something Small
2. Rising Air
3. First of August
4. River Low
5. Remedios
6. Long Way To Night
7. Moss & Marrow
8. Electric Ursa

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