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John Andrews and The Yawns - Bad Posture Vinyl LP - direct audio

John Andrews and The Yawns - Bad Posture Vinyl LP

Woodsists Records

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John Andrews and The Yawns Bad Posture Vinyl LP

Throughout years of traveling, John Andrews has documented his life with his home recordings. His first record, Bit By The Fang, found him living in the Amish country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. On his latest record, Bad Posture, he waves farewell to Pennsylvania and greets the wooded hills of Barrington, New Hampshire.

These songs were written slowly and quietly throughout the winter, usually late at night next to the wood stove. It was recorded in Andrews' barn with the doors ajar, welcoming the springtime – inviting the outside noises in. You can hear the crickets chirping and the occasional truck driving by. The songs themselves lend their hand like slow backwoods Beatles demos covered in a thin blanket of tape hiss.

Andrews' band, The Yawns, has been crystallized with staples from the New England freak scene: Rachel Neveu and Lukas Goudreault (MMOSS / Soft Eyes) and Joey Schneider. The album was mixed with headphones at the foot of Emma Critchett's grave, who lived in the Yawns' house during the 1800s. The record is an ode to her and all who have lived there. It paints a picture of living in the "freecountry" on the precipice of a rapidly changing political climate.

John Andrews and The Yawns Bad Posture Track Listing:

1. Drivers
2. Old News
3. Windmill
4. Home Is Just As Good As Anyplace (Biff Rose)
5. Painting A Picture
6. Relax
7. Homesick In Heaven
8. Audrey
9. The Sun Shines Different for You

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