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John Martyn - Bless The Weather Vinyl LP - direct audio

John Martyn - Bless The Weather Vinyl LP

Mercury Records

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John Martyn Bless The Weather Vinyl LP

A truly progressive artist John Martyn never stayed with a tried and trusted sound, preferring to explore, experiment and break new ground. His trademark melodies and lyrics are in a class of their own and his voice which is steeped in pleasure and pain, joy and fear and love and hate, expresses emotion like no other.

Issued in November 1971, Bless The Weather is a largely acoustic album of pure, simple yet mature songs featuring Danny Thompson (double bass), Richard Thompson (guitar), Tony Reeves (bass), Ian Whiteman (keyboards) and Roger Powell (drums). One of the finest folk albums of all time, every song here is a gem including "Glistening Glyndebourne" which showcases John's technique of playing acoustic guitar through the echoplex to stunning effect.

"Most of the songs on Bless The Weather were very quick," Martyn noted. "I'd been writing songs in the studio on the day they were recorded. It's much nicer like that...to be spontaneous. There was no re-writing, it just came out very naturally. I much prefer that approach. People kind of sat up and took notice of me after that album..."

John Martyn Bless The Weather Track Listing:

1. Go Easy
2. Bless The Weather
3. Sugar Lump
4. Walk On The Water
5. Just Now
6. Head And Heart
7. Let The Good Things Come
8. Back Down The River
9. Glistening Glyndebourne
10. Singin' In The Rain

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