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Joyner Lucas - ADHD Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Joyner Lucas - ADHD Vinyl 2LP

Joyner Lucas

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Joyner Lucas ADHD Vinyl 2LP

As if his prodigious musical output weren't enough, Worcester, MA rapper Joyner Lucas is also a dedicated philanthropist, innovator, and entrepreneur. ADHD – as well as all previously released ADHD tracks – was created entirely on the groundbreaking artists platform, Tully. Founded in 2015 by Lucas and manager/technology entrepreneur Dhruv Joshi, the Tully App puts the power of production, promotion, and distribution into the hands of the creators themselves, enabling the artist and their teams to better utilize digital tools while streamlining invention and the collaborative process.

"What Tully allows me to do is take my ideas and have them in a single creative space," Lucas says. "It allows me to have freedom. Tully is something that that has been very beneficial for me. I write all my music on there. Everything is consolidated – my lyrics, my beats, certain ideas that I come up with. It's just an awesome app. We've got hundreds of thousands of users on there, using it actively, and it's growing every single day. I like that we can take a lot of things that weren't available before and give them to artists as tools for them to use to help improve on their craft."

All told, Joyner Lucas has walked an idiosyncratically independent route, creating extraordinarily original work under his own terms and schedule, fully embracing the freedom that path allows. The gradual, focused release of the ADHD project shows a complex and gifted artist turning his disorder into a superpower, moving quickly between myriad ideas and angles and then later unifying them into an ultimate whole. Clocking in at 18 tracks, ADHD includes the previously released singles "Isis," "Broke and Stupid," "Lotto," Devil's Work," "ADHD" and "Revenge" plus guest spots from the likes of Young Thug, Logic and Timbaland.

Joyner Lucas ADHD Track Listing:

1. Screening Evaluation (Skit)
2. I Lied (Intro)
3. Isis
4. The War
5. Chris (Skit)
6. I Love
7. Devil's Work
8. Lotto
9. Kevin (Skit)
10. Gold Mine
11. Finally
12. 10 Bands
13. Revenge
14. Comprehensive Evaluation (Skit)
15. ADHD
16. Still Cant Love
17. Will
18. Broke and Stupid

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