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Juana Molina - ANRMAL: Live in Mexico Colored Vinyl LP - direct audio

Juana Molina - ANRMAL: Live in Mexico Colored Vinyl LP

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Juana Molina ANRMAL: Live in Mexico Colored Vinyl LP

Recorded at the NRMAL Festival in Mexico, in early March 2020, Juana Molina's live recording ANRMAL will bear forever the memory of things as they were "before." The powerful rock-punk vibe gives us hope for a better world to come. When she started out, over two decades ago, Juana's music was rather reflective and stripped down. She mostly performed solo concerts, with her guitar, a keyboard and effects. Over the years, her shows gradually became wilder, while her recorded output grew more intense and extrovert.

The tours following her latest couple of releases definitely took Juana's live show to a different level. ANRMAL sees Molina and her excellent bandmates Odín Schwartz and Pablo González at the top of their high-energy shape. It's her first-ever live album, and will undoubtedly be a revelation to anyone who hasn't had a chance to attend a recent concert. It contains tracks from Juana's latest releases: the Halo, Wed 21 and Un día albums, as well as the Forfun EP and was mixed by Molina's engineer Marcelo Coca Monte.

Juana Molina ANRMAL: Live in Mexico Track Listing:

1. Un día punk (ANRMAL)
2. Eras (ANRMAL)
3. Estalacticas (ANRMAL)
4. Cara de espejo (ANRMAL)
5. Lo decidí yo (ANRMAL)
6. Sin dones (ANRMAL)
7. Paraguaya (ANRMAL)
8. Paraguaya punk (ANRMAL)
9. Ay no se ofendan (ANRMAL)
10. Bicho auto (ANRMAL)
11. Un día (ANRMAL)

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