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Junior Brown - Guit With It on LP + Download - direct audio

Junior Brown - Guit With It Vinyl LP + Download

Curb Records

  • $ 1998

Junior Brown Guit With It Vinyl LP + Download

With his unique voice, more unique songwriting craft, and even more unique double necked “guit-steel,” a hybrid of electric guitar and lap steel guitar, there has absolutely never been anyone quite like Junior Brown. He has shown himself to be equally adept at virtually all styles of American music, leading many to dub him America’s most versatile musician. A listen to his catalog of recordings reveals a virtuosity in country, Western swing, Hawaiian, rock & roll, blues, trad. jazz, swing, pop, bluegrass, and even mariachi.

In the early 90’s Brown and his band (including wife, Tanya Rae) relocated to the fertile Austin, Texas music scene and landed a weekly gig at the Continental Club. His unique and entertaining combination of singing, songwriting, instrumental skills and producing led to a seven record deal with Curb Records that began with 12 Shades of Brown in 1990. That was followed by the breakout Guit With It in 1993, a rollicking 12-track effort which ranges from the 11-minute plus showcase "Guit Steel Blues" to a cover of Hank Garland's "Sugarfoot Stomp," and further clever originals like "Doin' What Comes Easy to a Fool" and "Holding Pattern."

"Junior told me once that he was very impressed by Jimi Hendrix, by the way he was very wild, and yet he was very controlled. He knew where everything was going in a solo, and he (Junior), I think tries for the same effect, and I think he hits it virtually every time.” - Mitch Mitchell, The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Junior Brown Guit With It Track Listing:

1. Doin' What Comes Easy to a Fool
2. Highway Patrol
3. So Close Yet So Far Away
4. Sugar Foot Rag
5. My Wife Thinks You're Dead
6. You Didn't Have to Go All Theway
7. Party Lights
8. Names and Addresses
9. Still Life With Rose
10. Holding Pattern
11. Guit-Steel Blues
12. The Gal from Oklahoma

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