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KAB - Super Record Grip MK2

KAB Electro Acoustics

  • $ 3800

KAB Super Record Grip MK2

A Must have Analog Accessory

The newly redesigned KAB Super Record Grip Mk2 Record Clamp features a 2 peice precision molded frame, spring rubber insert and UHMW polyethylene non marring contact surface. This is especially useful on Rega brand turntables and others where there is very little spindle to grab on to.

KAB's Super Record Grip Mk2 is an effective, inexpensive solution to records that just won't stay put. Simply slide the SRG2 over your spindle and push down firmly. The SRG2 grabs hold firmly and keeps your records firmly planted on the platter. The new alloy chassis with integrated finger grips makes the SRG2 easy to use, a new non-marking polymer underneath the SRG2 keeps the label safe and the integrated bubble level makes leveling your turntable a snap.

Simply hold the turntable platter still while you push and turn the record grip. The grip will walk down the spindle and meet the record label surface. For easier use, the center hole can be lubricated with a diluted solution of 5% Armor All® and alcohol, swabbed with Qtip®.


Effective Damping 
Easy To Use 
Better Bass 
More Detail & Focus 
Quick Check Level


Molded Phenolic
Color: Black
Footprint: 3"D
Height: 1"
Weight: 2 Oz.
Max Spindle Height needed: 3/4"
Bubble Level Accuracy: 1°

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