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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Gnomes and Badgers Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Gnomes and Badgers Vinyl 2LP

Relax Records

  • $ 2498

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Gnomes and Badgers Vinyl 2LP

Gnomes & Badgers, the first new studio album in over five years from Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, distills the sweeping stylistic range of the band's concert performances into its own authentic sound.

Masterfully incorporating elements of vintage rock, old school soul and classic funk, the inimitable saxophonist/flutist/vocalist Karl Denson and his long-standing six piece unit that includes guitarist DJ Williams, drummer Zak Najor, bassist Chris Stillwell, keyboardist David Veith, trumpeter Chris Littlefield and slide/lap steel guitarist Seth Freeman, have delivered what is undoubtedly their strongest work yet.

Gnomes & Badgers is a musically dynamic and lyrically diverse collection. Listeners are thrusted onto the dance floor from the onset, but there also are layers of tension and build-up. "Over the last six or seven years, I have watched perfectly smart, rational people in my life become really stupid," he states. "I like politics. I'm a patriot and I love reading American history.

And [how America] is amazing in the history of the world...But just the lack of critical thinking that's going on right now has made me a bit crazy. That's kind of where the ‘Gnomes & Badgers' idea came from; trying to get people talking to each other. I still want people to dance. It's like when you go see somebody like Howlin' Wolf: You're hearing the saddest stories, but you're still happy because you're commiserating...We're human, this is what we do, and we do it with as much joy and optimism as we can."

Denson worked with some top-notch artists on the record, too; Lukas Nelson, Anders Osborne and Ivan Neville, to name a few. While the songwriting mostly came from Denson's own musings, he credits his mentors for fleshing out many of the new tracks.

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Gnomes and Badgers Track Listing:

1. What If You Knew
2. Gossip
3. Change My Way
4. I'm Your Biggest Fan
5. Can We Trade
6. Millvale, PA
7. Something Sweet
8. Falling Down
9. Time to Pray
10. Smart Boy
11. Just Remembered

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