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Katja Maria Werker - Mitten Im Sturm on 180g Import LP - direct audio

Katja Maria Werker - Mitten Im Sturm on 180g Import LP

Stockfisch Records

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Katja Maria Werker Mitten Im Sturm on 180g Import LP

Direct Metal Mastered 180g Vinyl from Stockfisch

Singer/songwriter/musician and author Katja Maria Werker joins Stockfisch for the release of her album, Mitten Im Sturm (In the Midst of the Storm). This woman with the sensitive, elfin-like features makes an appearance wherever she goes; on the stage of her dreams at the time when she was still collecting one refusal after another from the record labels frequented by her artistic role models. In her life as on the stage, storms have not been in short supply; as in the title: "Aus dem Beton" ("Out of Concrete"), it is revealed, the moon is inhabited. And a rough landing can still be followed by a smooth arrival, in this case by art.

Mitten Im Sturm is a richly facetted album, squally periods followed by intermittent calm, the rise and swell of the waves. Featuring Katja Maria Werker's own compositions; fresh energy-laden pop songs ("Crossfire"); some English and German folk; notably a Peter Gabriel classic from the '70s ("Here comes the Flood"); not to mention an awe-inspiring rendition of the German hit pop song "Über sieben Brücken musst du gehn." All the arrangements here are also the artist's own.

Each of the album's tracks is unique, and all are highly authentic, personal in the literal sense of the word: human experience, strife, endeavor and triumph in life and art, heard, and felt, through the music ("Tief im Innern"). The eye of the storm is the place where pain and healing are neighbors, where "live or die" is the imperative, and hope is the tender but determined plant which pushes its way up out of concrete. Music, and a voice, that goes straight to the heart and remains there long after the last song has ended.

All songs are beautifully performed in Katja's native German language except for "Crossfire" and "Here Comes The Flood" which are both performed in English. Katja M. Werker's Mitten Im Sturm has been recorded on audiophile 180g vinyl, cut with Stockfisch's in-house Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.


- Direct Metal Mastered 180g vinyl
- Premastering by Hans-Jorg Maucksch
- DMM disc cutting by Hendrik Pauler
- Produced & recorded by Gunter Pauler
- Housed in a gatefold Jacket

Katja Maria Werker Mitten Im Sturm Track Listing:

1. Tief im innern
2. Aus dem beton
3. Crossfire (Vocals Performed In English)
4. Mitten im sturm
5. Vom selben stern
6. Here comes the flood (Vocals Performed In English)
7. Echo
8. Die zeit mit dir
9 . Zusammenleben
10. Uber sieben brucken musst du gehn
11. Dreh den spiess um
12. Worauf wartest du

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