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Keith Jarrett - Belonging on 180g LP - direct audio

Keith Jarrett - Belonging on 180g LP

ECM Records

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Keith Jarrett Belonging on 180g LP

Belonging is the 1974 debut recording from one of the most outstanding groups of its era, Keith Jarrett's European Quartet. Jarrett had been well aware of these musicians since the late 1960s, had played with Palle Danielsson (bass) and Jon Christensen (drums) in Norway, and long admired Jan Garbarek's saxophone approach. The interplay between Jarrett and Garbarek is uncanny, and the Danielsson/Christensen rhythm team swings wildly and delightfully. The musical compatibility of its members was instantly striking. 180-gram high-quality audiophile vinyl reissue from ECM.

"I myself, as a so-called leader, wish very, very often to blend with the other three musicians and that situation [the Belonging band] allows that, because no one is fighting with anyone else. Everyone is just trying to make the thing transparent and clear and feeling good." - Keith Jarrett

"It was a crucial time for me as a young and relatively inexperienced musician to work closely with someone so musically advanced as Keith, and I feel I benefited tremendously from it. His touch, his chord movements, the always present rhythm, the surprising melodic turns, the ability to make the piano sing in such a unique way, complexity and simplicity, abstraction and earthiness hand in hand...I was more or less in awe the whole time, not always wanting to join in with what was going on between Keith, Palle and Jon, I just enjoyed listening to them so much! The one thing that stands out in my memory, though, was the way we would play melodies in unison, in fact I felt very much a sense of unison with the way Keith made music as a whole, as if belonging..." - Jan Garbarek

Keith Jarrett Belonging Track Listing:

1. Spiral Dance
2. Blossom
3. 'Long As You Know You're Living Yours
4. Belonging
5. The Windup
6. Solstice

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