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Kreator - Coma of Souls Vinyl 3LP - direct audio

Kreator - Coma of Souls Vinyl 3LP

Noise Records

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Kreator Coma of Souls Vinyl 3LP

One of the "big four" of Teutonic thrash metal along with Destruction, Sodom and Tankard, Essen's Kreator helped pioneer death metal and black metal as we know it but are best known and beloved for their classic thrash metal style. They were one of the first group's to sign to a major label and have gone on to sell over two million albums to date making them one of the best-selling German thrash metal bands of all time.

Noise Records continues their Kreator reissue campaign with a new remastered and expanded colored triple vinyl pressing of the group's fifth full-length album Coma Of Souls complete with 2LPs worth of live material recorded in Fürth, Germany.

The 1990 effort came towards the end of the thrash metal explosion of the '80s and retained their classic thrash sound whilst combining more melodic elements of classic metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Critically acclaimed by both fans and press, Coma of Souls was a strong, firm step forward for the band and proved they weren't content to sit and wallow in the thrash back waters but were determined to move into a new decade with a bold, thrusting sound.

Kreator Coma of Souls Track Listing:


1. When the Sun Burns Red (2018 - Remaster)
2. Coma of Souls (2018 - Remaster)
3. People of the Lie (2018 - Remaster)
4. World Beyond (2018 - Remaster)
5. Terror Zone (2018 - Remaster)
6. Agents of Brutality (2018 - Remaster)
7. Material World Paranoia (2018 - Remaster)
8. Twisted Urges (2018 - Remaster)
9. Hidden Dictator (2018 - Remaster)
10. Mental Slavery (2018 - Remaster)


1. When the Sun Burns Red (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
2. Betrayer (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
3. Terrible Certainty (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
4. Extreme Aggression (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
5. Coma of Souls (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
6. People of the Lie (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
7. Choir of the Damned (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
8. The Pestilence (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
9. Some Pain Will Last (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)


1. Toxic Trace (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
2. Drum Solo (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
3. Terror Zone (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
4. Pleasure to Kill (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
5. Flag of Hate (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
6. Agents of Brutality (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
7. Riot of Violence (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)
8. Tormentor (Live in FÜRTH, Germany)

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