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Loreena McKennitt - Lost Souls 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Loreena McKennitt - Lost Souls 180g Vinyl LP


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Loreena McKennitt Lost Souls 180g Vinyl LP

Loreena McKennitt’s first release of original material since 2006, Lost Souls is a rich and culturally eclectic recording, which one has come to expect from this unique artist. It is a rich tapestry of contemporary thoughts woven with threads from the Celts to the Bedouins, stitched with the sounds of a diverse collection of musical voices, including nyckelharpa, a military band and flamenco guitar. An exotic musical journey like no other.

The nine-track album was recorded from May through October 2017 in Hamilton, Ontario at Catherine North Studios and at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios near Bath, in South West England.

We are thrilled to announce that Loreena is about to release her first recording of original songs since her 2006 recording An Ancient Muse. You can hear “A Hundred Wishes” our next instant gratification track NOW on all music services and from our website.

This long-awaited and eagerly anticipated album is a rich and eclectic tapestry of songs woven with influences from the Celts to the Bedouins, stitched with the sounds of a diverse and exotic collection of musical voices, including the nyckelharpa, oud, kanoun, flamenco guitar and a Canadian military band.

“Although Lost Souls does not follow the next chapter in my pursuit of the history of the Celts, it has been gratifying to complete a selection of songs on which I’ve been working on for some time” says Loreena. “Life has been so full and demanding these past ten years – both personally and professionally it was also gratifying to get back to the creative part of the process.”

There are nine songs on the new album. Several were begun by Loreena some time ago, while others have been progressively taking shape in the midst of more recent projects and journeys. A few draw on the poetry of John Keats and W.B. Yeats, while another evokes a distinct Middle Eastern flavour.

It features Loreena on vocals, piano, keyboard, accordion and harp, accompanied by her core group of fellow musicians, many of whom you know: Brian Hughes on guitars, bazouki and synth, Caroline Lavelle on cello and concertina, Hugh Marsh on violin, and Dudley Phillips on acoustic and electric bass.

Loreena McKennitt Lost Souls Track Listing:

1. Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas
2. A Hundred Wishes
3. Ages Past, Ages Hence
4. The Ballad of The Fox Hunter
5. Manx Ayre
6. La Belle Dame sans Merci
7. Sun, Moon and Stars
8. Breaking of The Sword
9. Lost Souls


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