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Lowly - Hifalutin Vinyl LP - direct audio

Lowly - Hifalutin Vinyl LP

Pias Records

  • $ 1998

Lowly Hifalutin Vinyl LP

A band unafraid to reach beyond their comfort zone, Lowly thrive on the embrace of doubt and curiosity. An inquisitive spirit drives the quintet's second album, which evolved from an open-ended process in large spaces, from lost factory halls to water towers. Hifalutin brims with suggestive discoveries from its title onwards. Dictionary definitions include "pompous" and "larger than life"; the word is also antonymic with the word Lowly. However you take it, the result is the work of five people expressing themselves freely as a tight collective: focused, yet fertile with possibility.

Warmly received in Pitchfork, Uncut and elsewhere, Lowly's debut album, Heba, was a feast of dramatic dream-pop. Yet Hifalutin is more ambitious still. The album was primarily recorded in a 150 square meter warehouse, just outside the city of Aarhus. Band members recorded their parts as individuals and as a group; meanwhile, the producer, Anders Boll, placed microphones in nooks and crannies of the enormous space, all the better to highlight the dynamics between the band members.

Fittingly, Hifalutin is an album of many entrance points. After the glistening come-hither to wandering minds of "Go for a Walk," "Stephen" reflects on death, inspired by the loss of Professor Stephen Hawking. The warm currents of "Baglaens" (or "backwards") contrast sharply with the buoyant beats cluster of "Staples." "i" resembles a hymnal Stina Nordenstam, constantly seeking new ways into a song, while the alt-R&B-ish "In the Hearts" offers an unguarded paean to connectivity.

An invitation sent from and to curious minds, Hifalutin is luminous modern pop at its most delicate and robust, assertive and open-ended.

Lowly Hifalutin Track Listing:

1. Go For A Walk
2. Stephen
3. Baglaens
4. Staples
5. i
6. In The Hearts
7. Out Beyond
8. Children
9. ii
10. Delicate Delegates
11. Selver
12. 1899-12-31 12:36:00
13. iii
14. Wonder

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