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Lucette - Deluxe Hotel Room Vinyl LP - direct audio

Lucette - Deluxe Hotel Room Vinyl LP

Rock Creek

  • $ 1898

Lucette Deluxe Hotel Room Vinyl LP

On her sophomore album Deluxe Hotel Room, indie-pop artist Lucette turns her title phrase into a metaphor for experiences both highly specific and widely familiar: fleeting romance, emotional displacement, isolation, the gulf between the presumed glamour of the artist's life and the reality of getting by. Produced by Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Sturgill Simpson at The Butcher Shoppe in Nashville, Deluxe Hotel Room unfolds in endlessly contrasting layers of feeling and in keeping with a refusal to self-restrain, Lucette assembled a purposely iconoclastic sonic palette here.

"A lot of the songs are very traditional in their roots, but Sturgill and I had this idea of producing them in a more pop-leaning way," says Lucette, who grew up on ABBA and names Rihanna among her main inspirations. "There's only one or two guitar tracks on the whole record, and instead of putting banjos or pedal steel all over the place, we did it up in a way that felt a lot more genuine to my upbringing and character." Backed by Simpson's touring band, Lucette embeds Deluxe Hotel Room with so many unexpected flourishes: brooding drum-machine beats, luminous synth lines, and – perhaps most strikingly – the soulful saxophone work of New Orleans musician Brad Walker. Along with shining a new light on her gracefully sculpted melodies, the album finds Lucette bringing a previously unglimpsed boldness to her vocal presence.

After opening with the piano-led reflection of its title track, Deluxe Hotel Room drifts into the torchy intensity of "Out of the Rain" – a song about the breakup that informed much of the album. Although much of the album wanders into heavy-hearted terrain, lead single "Angel" arrives as a heavenly piece of dream-pop driven by pounding piano riffs, bright drumbeats, and swirling, symphonic synth lines. Throughout Deluxe Hotel Room, Lucette reveals the depth and scope of her songwriting, her ability to capture often-overlooked elements of the human experience. To that end, "Full Moon Town" spins an unsettling portrait of small-town living, while the sleepy, sax-laced "Fly to Heaven" and the shimmering "California" ruminate on escape and the afterlife.

On "Crazy Bird," with its hazy textures and gospel harmonies, Lucette examines the uneasy thrill of falling for someone larger-than-life and impossible to pin down. One of the album's most gripping and epic moments, "Talk to Myself" is an intimate meditation on mental health, with Lucette's vocal performance both glorious and devastating in its determination. And on "Lover Don't Give Up on Me," Deluxe Hotel Room closes out with a stripped-back piano ballad that channels all the quiet grief in longing for a person who's emotionally impenetrable.

Lucette Deluxe Hotel Room Track Listing:

1. Deluxe Hotel Room
2. Out of the Rain
3. Full Moon Town
4. Angel
5. Fly to Heaven
6. California
7. Crazy Bird
8. Talk to Myself
9. Lover Don't Give up on Me

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