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Man Overboard - Heavy Love Vinyl LP - direct audio

Man Overboard - Heavy Love Vinyl LP

Rise Records Co.

  • $ 1898

Man Overboard Heavy Love Vinyl LP 

Every now and then, a band is able to find that rare connection that allows them to truly speak to the hearts of kids everywhere, becoming the voice of their generation. Man Overboard is that band of the pop-punk community. These days, the number of bands becoming overnight Internet sensations is soaring. In an age where bands are having immediate major label success through corporate radio and MTV, Man Overboard has managed to create a name for themselves the old-fashioned way, winning kids over through word of mouth and non-stop touring.

They are a true testament to working hard in order to achieve your goals. Man Overboard is constantly pushing themselves to do more, and this work ethic is apparent in all that they have accomplished as a band. They have spent the past 7 years touring the world, sharing the stage with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, New Found Glory, The Wonder Years and more.

For their latest full-length, Heavy Love, Man Overboard enlisted the help of legendary punk producer Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, Descendents, A Day To Remember). Together, they have crafted 12 songs that are undoubtedly the band’s strongest and most exciting material to date. Heavy Love is destined to become the most recognizable album in the band’s catalog. This is an exciting time for Man Overboard. When it seems as though they’re on top of the world, they continue to play every show like their last and treat every fan like their first.

Man Overboard Heavy Love Track Listing:

1. Now That You're Home
2. Borderline
3. Reality Check
4. Splinter
5. The Note
6. Cliffhanger
7. She's In Pictures
8. Invisible
9. Deal
10. Anything
11. For Jennie
12. A Love That I Can't Have

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