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Marcus I and The Tucxone Army - Inner Calling Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Marcus I and The Tucxone Army - Inner Calling Vinyl 2LP

Tucxone Records

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Marcus I and The Tucxone Army Inner Calling Vinyl 2LP

"Inner Calling. It's the title of my next album. Recorded at the analogue Tucxone Records studios in Madrid. This recording took place with the will to defend the Roots Reggae culture in mind. A will profoundly shared by the recording label and myself. Inner Calling is a call from within, to look inside and find our true self, sincere and naked. Our goal is to pay tribute to the classics of Jamaica from the 70s that influenced us so much, not only on our way to perceive music, but also on our way to look at the world, and not just through their sound, but also though their urgent message of crisis. We did the best out of ourselves to not just imitate their ways, but to bring it to our present day.

"Recorded by musicians live at the studio, direct to tape on one take, a way to do things that's so rare nowadays but where the magic of the songs is so naturally captured that's difficult to ignore. Inner Calling is an album that can be listened to on a Sound System, in the car or having a walk though the fields, with friends, with family and that can be enjoyed time after time for many years and in every situation. An album very necessary for the scene in which we heartily believe. Running away from the One Hit culture or the Foot-stomping tracks and embracing the original spirit of Roots of those dances in the 70s.

"An album to help recover the original sound system culture. Lyrics about social issues, compromised with our times, urgent problems that need to be dealt with, same way now as it was necessary in Jamaica back then, for it's the same fierce Babylon system we a deal with!" - Marcus I (Marc Ibarz) Santander

Marcus I and The Tucxone Army Inner Calling Track Listing:

1. Inner Calling
2. Venus
3. Rocky Boat
4. Solve the Problems
5. Joyful Sunset
6. Immigrants
7. Easy Living Man
8. Creation Steppers
9. Lena
10. Smoke Rings
11. Babylon Press I

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