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Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman Vinyl LP - direct audio

Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman Vinyl LP

Ninja Tune Records

  • $ 2298

Marie Davidson Working Class Woman Vinyl LP

Working Class Woman is the Montreal-based producer's fourth and most self-reflective record: it's a document of her state of mind, a reflection of the past year she's spent living in Berlin, and a comment on the stresses and strains of operating within the spheres of dance music and club culture. Drawing on those experiences, as well as an array of writers, thinkers and filmmakers who've influenced her, Davidson's response to such difficult moments is to explore her own reaction to them and poke fun. It's an honest document of where she currently stands. As she puts it, "It's an egotistical album – and I'm okay with that."

The sound of Working Class Woman is more direct than any of her previous outings. She still mines the same influences, from Italo Disco, to proto-industrial and electro, but leadens them with a gut-punching weight, making for a record that's more visceral than any she's released before. It's combined with her characteristically-deployed spoken text that carries a more darkly humorous edge than before, making observations on both aspects of club culture as well as more oblique critiques of the modern world. It's a record poised between dark and light. Industrial heaviness is balanced by Davidson's words; dark, textured soundscapes are counterweighted by statements or observations which never take themselves too seriously.

It's something that's encapsulated in the driving momentum of "So Right." In "Work It," she probes her workaholic nature. Another of the album's early moments is "The Psychologist," which is carried by a moody techno swagger that suggests a playfulness evident throughout the record. On "Day Dreaming," soft chimes provide a moment of colorful respite, swirled around with a soft-focus ambience. In contrast, "The Tunnel" is an ominous deep-dive into industrial sound-blasts with dark narration. And in "Burn Me," she takes a turn at a more straightforward club rhythm, building up drones, an acid bassline and flashes of percussion into a tense slow-burn.

Marie Davidson has always reached outward for the diverse influences that have informed her music, touching on big concepts and musical touchstones alike. But it's with this release that she's applied the same degree of focus to herself. The album is the product of a personal process: she looks inward to project a more expansive vision to the world.

Marie Davidson Working Class Woman Track Listing:

1. Your Biggest Fan
2. Work It
3. The Psychologist
4. Lara
5. Day Dreaming
6. The Tunnel
7. Workaholic Paranoid Bitch
8. So Right
9. Burn Me
10. La chambre intérieure

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