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Mark Dagley - Collected Works 1978-2016 Vinyl LP - direct audio

Mark Dagley - Collected Works 1978-2016 Vinyl LP

Feeding Tube Records

  • $ 1998

Mark Dagley Collected Works 1978-2016 Vinyl LP

Mark Dagley, although largely focusing on his visual art for the last many years, is a musician whose work has always intrigued many. Feeding Tube already issued some of his work with The Girls (2015), Hi Sheriffs Of Blue (2014) and Marianne Nowottny (2015). Now, here's Collected Works, only the second album issued under his own name. Feeding Tube had bugged Mark for a good long while about digging up the tapes for the "Shut It Up/Gossip Crowd" single he'd done back in '79 (immediately precursing the Hi Sheriffs), and when he transferred that material to cassette, he included some newly unearthed electronic work done at the same time he was working with The Girls.

The stuff is great, collapsing waves of splendid analog murk, so the label immediately requested a full album of 'solo' material. The resulting set spans almost 40 years of work and ranges from experimental blues explosions for solo guitar to drone-oriented electronics, transcriptions for a mechanical music box, and the splutzo No Wave kuck they had originally asked about. It documents four decades of strange invention, carried out almost fully beyond the view of the record buying public. It's an amazing and mysterious listen from first note to last.

Mark Dagley Collected Works 1978-2016 Track Listing:

1. Uranus Hill Fantasy
2. Doomed Stupa Dance
3. Untitled (Ms#1)
4. Untitled (Ms#2)
5. Untitled (Ms#3)
6. Bass Filter Passage
7. Tàrrega Overdrive
8. Dark Was The Night (Blind Willie Johnson)
9. Paradoxa Emblemata - Untitled #5
10. Paradoxa Emblemata - Untitled #6
11. Blind Willie Death Must Die
12. Shut It Up (I Can Dance It)
13. Gossip Crowd
14. Medley Of Lutheran Hymns
15. Españoleta
16. Minuet In A Minor

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