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M.D.C. - Mein Trumpf Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

M.D.C. - Mein Trumpf Import Vinyl LP

Primordial Records

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M.D.C. Mein Trumpf Import Vinyl LP

Primordial Records & Nova are delighted to announce the release of the long-awaited new studio album from legendary punk band MDC. 'Mein Trumpf' will be released on 24th November on CD with the vinyl version following early 2018. This album is the first full record after 'Magnus Dominus Corpus' which was released 13 years ago. MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) is an American punk rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 1979.

The band was subsequently based in San Francisco, California, and are currently based in Portland, Oregon. Originally formed as The Stains before changing their name, the band also changed their name to a different initialism of MDC with every new record released. They play fast hardcore punk music espousing far-left socio-political ideals, with singer Dave Dictor expressing his animal rights, gay rights, transgender rights, pro-racial equality and anti-capitalist convictions.

In November 2016, MDC released a video for the forthcoming release of a new recording of "Born to Die", made to protest the Donald Trump presidential campaign. The song's slogan "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA" was reported to be heard at anti-Trump demonstrations throughout the USA. At the 2016 American Music Awards on November 20, the band Green Day adopted the anti-Trump slogan for a controversial impromptu chant during their live on-air performance, which Dictor applauded and encouraged.

Recently returned from a 7-week EU/UK tour and currently on a 4-week USA tour the band is in top gear promoting their new music, 2018 will see another lengthy EU/UK tour as well as tours in Japan/Asia. MDC is back and strong as ever, nothing can stop these old dogs from spreading their love.

M.D.C. Mein Trumpf Track Listing:

1. Mein Trumpf
2. Working for Satan
3. Muscle Cars
4. Drones
5. Haldol
6. Just for Today
7. Don't Open the Door
8. Mouth Full of Gimme
9. My Show
10. Product Placement
11. Merry F***ing Christmas
12. Born to Die (No Trump No KKK)

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