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Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart Import Vinyl LP


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Melody Gardot Worrisome Heart Import Vinyl LP

The debut album from jazz vocalist Melody Gardot, Worrisome Heart, was originally released independently in 2006. The album was later released by Verve/UCJ in 2008. The collection includes re-recorded songs from her first EP release, "Some Lessons: The Bedroom Sessions," plus previously unreleased tracks.

In a musical landscape ripe with great singers (of which she is one) it is Melody's unique approach to songwriting that sets her apart. Although her songs often sound like jazz, they defy easy categorization. "...a touch of Peggy Lee's poetry, a hint of Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell..."

"She's part sophisticated chanteuse, college sophomore, and down-home girl next door. Her innocence, sweetness, and light are very alluring, much like the persona of tragic songbirds Eva Cassidy and Nancy LaMott...Likely to be placed in the Norah Jones/Nellie McKay/Madeleine Peyroux pseudo jazz/pop sweepstakes, Gardot offers something decidedly more authentic and genuine. She's one-upped them all out of the gate." -Michael G. Nastos, allmusic.com

"This debut will inevitably draw comparisons to Norah Jones and Madeleine Peyroux - but don't fall into the trap of believing it. Because behind the sweeping classic melodies and dreamy piano lie the striking lyrics and edgy tone of Melody Gardot - and beyond them, an unbelievable story of courage against the odds...Her resulting inner steel cuts through best in top tracks Worrisome Heart and Love Me Like A River Does, lifting them above your standard dreamy jazz classics..." -BBC.co.uk, 2008

Melody Gardot Worrisome Heart Track Listing:

1. Worrisome Heart
2. All That I Need Is Love
3. Gone
4. Sweet Memory
5. Some Lessons
6. Quiet Fire
7. One Day
8. Love Me Like a River Does
9. Goodnite
10. Twilight (Instrumental)

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