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Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries on Numbered Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries on Numbered Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP

Audio Fidelity

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Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries on Numbered Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP from Audio Fidelity

One of the All-Time-Best Acoustic Guitar Albums Recorded: Michael Hedges' Visionary Aerial Boundaries Thrills With Revelatory Playing, Innovative Techniques, and Fantastic Sonics

Audio Fidelity 180g Audiophile Vinyl LP Presents Aerial Boundaries' Guitar Tones, Techniques, and Tunings in Lifelike Sound: 1984 Record Nominated for Best Engineered Album Grammy

Mastered for Vinyl by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

Michael Hedges' Aerial Boundaries remains one of the most groundbreaking albums in acoustic guitar history, a Grammy-nominated acoustic-based set remarkable for its intimate sound, revelatory playing, and unassailable technique. The 1984 record helped bring Hedges to light as a visionary that both stretched the limits of his instrument and created new languages that have yet been mastered by his peers. Teeming with classically derived harmonies and rapid-fire finger fretboard runs, Hedges' compositions feature multi-layered passages and an incredibly dynamic range of contrasts.

Performing with the determined zeal of a madmen, and blending innovative approaches to tones, tuning, and intensity into his works, Hedges often makes it seem like what we're hearing is produced by more than just one man and his guitar. Stirring tracks such as "Rickover's Dream" and "Spare Change" coincide with an ingenious take on Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush." Hedges plays seductively quiet one moment and suddenly explosive - slow or fast, timid or thunderous - the next.

"There was simply no one like him," Bonnie Raitt said of Hedges, following his untimely death in 1997. "A very gifted performer, arranger and composer whose music sounded like nothing that had come before it." We couldn't agree more.

Experience this landmark album like never before on Audio Fidelity's audiophile pressing.

Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries Track Listing:

1. Aerial Boundaries
2. Bensusan
3. Rickover's Dream
4. Ragamuffin
5. After The Gold Rush
6. Hot Type
7. Spare Change
8. Menage a Trois
9. The Magic Farmer

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