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Michael Hurley - Land Of Lofi on Limited Edition LP - direct audio

Michael Hurley - Land Of Lofi on Limited Edition LP

Mississippi Records

  • $ 1799

Michael Hurley Land Of Lofi on Limited Edition LP

You could be sitting there wondering why Mississippi Records releases such a huge amount of records by Michael Hurley (this is their 8th). To put it mildly - Hurley is by and large one of the greatest songwriters of all time and the label considers it an important part of their mission to get the world aware of his awesome talent.

Here we have Hurley's latest batch of home recordings which happen to include some of the best songs of his career. It's unusual for a man 50 years into his recording career to come up with some of his greatest songs yet, but that's the case with Land Of Lofi. Hurley plays heart breakers solo with guitar and/or organ accompaniment, along with three tracks where he is joined by the beautiful voice of Jolie Holland.

Land Of Lofi collects some incredible new songs such as the eerie "Alligator In The Water," the poignant and all too true "Disaster At The Wheel," the utterly cosmic "Corridor," the near avant garde "Doin' The Opossum," the stone cold intense "You Got To Die" and on and on. True geniuses are hard to come by, so wake on up and give this record a long hard listen. If it doesn't move you, then who knows what will. Limited edition of 2,000.

Michael Hurley Land Of Lofi Track Listing:

1. Dark Valley Walls
2. Disaster On Your Wheel
3. Big Black Spider
4. The Corridor
5. Doin' The O'Possum
6. How Many Biscuits?
7. Sun To Sun
8. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
9. Old Doc Gieger
10. Ohio Blues
11. You Got To Die

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